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Thank Yous

Mahalo, Darien N. (mother of Dara)

Aloha and Mahalo from Dara from Hilo, Hawaii.

On July 4, 2020 my daughter, Dara, and I flew from Hilo, Hawaii so that she could be examined at the Lucille Packard Children’s Medical Center at Stanford for her epilepsy.   It was a trying time as she was taken off her medication so that she could be monitored for seizures to see if she is a good candidate for surgery.  The testing took longer than planned and was physically and emotionally draining for Dara.   When we were released on July 21 we were allowed to stay at the Ronal McDonald House at Stanford to recover and receive outpatient treatment.  We stayed there until July 21, 2020.  Upon arrival at the RMH Dara was given a welcome RMH bag that included a Project Linus blanket.    That was a pleasant surprise for Dara.  Dara was able to use the blanket at the RMH, on or flight home and it remains in our living room in our home in Hilo.   We are grateful for the blanket but more importantly the kind gesture and show of love and aloha for Dara and all of the keiki (children) that you touch. 

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center & O’Connor Hospital Volunteer services

Dear Project Linus, Thank you! For helping us make a difference in the lives of the patients and families we serve.  Thank you for your generous donation to our hospital. Your donation is greatly appreciated.


Nicola B-A

Dear Project Linus and “Someone Who Cares,”

My name is Nicola B-A and my daughter, Charlize, was admitted to the Pediatric ICU at Santa Clara Kaiser on Wednesday, March 11. After a very long and stressful transfer from Daly City Kaiser, we arrived to our room to find what could not have been the most unexpected and welcoming surprise - a blanket which could have been hand picked for Charlie! She was feeling quite awful, and as soon as she walked in she said, “I love this blanket! It’s my favorite everything!” The nurse very happily let her know it was hers to take and it was made especially for her. This is more than a gift and your blanket made with care and love has helped her heal. She snuggled into it and felt instantly comfortable and at home. I cannot express my gratitude as a parent, and I have made a small donation online, which is nothing compared to what you have given us.  Thank you for healing others with your kindness.
My deepest gratitude,

Janine B.

On Friday September 6th, my son was involved in an accident and broke both of his arms, got a concussion and a broken tooth. He was seen at Kaiser Santa Clara and was admitted for emergency surgery to have his arms surgically repaired. When we arrived on the pediatric unit, we were both scared, cold and tired. The charge nurse brought over one of your blankets made by Megan Rose H and wrapped it around my son. The blanket followed him to surgery the next morning and kept me warm while I waited for his surgery to end. It has accompanied him on every follow appointment and during his cast application. I just wanted to thank you for giving us some comfort during such a stressful time. We will always keep it close.

Lisa and Athena O.

My 10 year old daughter Athena had surgery this morning at Kaiser Santa Clara and was gifted with the most amazing blanket in her favorite color!!!

She just loves it and to show our great appreciation, my husband and I made a donation to the San Jose Chapter tonight.

Thank you so very much!!! You guys rock! Please tell Lee B (the maker) ️️️️️️

Nathan D.

Hello Project Linus,
My daughter Charlee was transferred to Kaiser Santa Clara’s PICU last night after 5 days in Kaiser Modesto with RSV. She loved the blanket your organization provided and as a parent it touched my heart more than you can know. So I wanted to write and say thank you! Your act of kindness spoke volumes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

God bless you and your organization!
Sincerely and with a grateful heart,

Chelby T.

Hello all at Project Linus. Last week my daughter Shelby was admitted to pediatrics unit at Valley Medical Hospital. There she received a beautiful rainbow  & doughnut  blanket. Shelby was very happy and Loves her new blanket ! We would like to thank you so very much for making the blankets for all children at Valley Hospital. You all are simply Amazing!! love xoxo 

Cheryl B.

Project Linus-San Jose, we would like to thank the Village Quilters for the beautiful quilt that was made and given to my daughter during our stay at the Ronald McDonald House in Palo Alto. Thank you for taking the time to donate your time and talents. You are a blessing. Sincerely,

Jenny McL.

Thank you for the blanket from RMH (Ronald McDonald House) Stanford. We’re already back home but he still loves it.


Thank you for the lovely blankets we received for our twins during their stay at the El Camino Mountain View NICU in January this year. It was really a lovely to have something handmade providing them cover from the bright lights. We have continued to use them at home.  Many thanks,

Lena T.

My name is Lena T., and my daughter has been a patient at Kaiser Santa Clara for about 7 weeks. Within her stay she was given a beautiful quilt and pillow cases. Thank you so much for your donations and make my daughter feel more at home in her room. God bless you and the organization that makes kids feel special during this difficult time.  Forever grateful,

School Health Clinics

Project Linus keeps our kids warm and cozy…
There is just nothing better than cozying up with a new, soft blanket, and thanks to Project Linus our youngest patients can do that this winter. Project Linus began more than 24 years ago as a volunteer-driven effort to create and donate handmade blankets to children in need. With more than 300 chapters and tens of thousands of volunteers nationwide, it has delivered nearly 7.5 million blankets! School Health Clinics is honored to be among the 30 local non-profits that receive donations each year from the San José Chapter. For many children who live in drafty and poorly heated homes, these blankets are much more than comfy companions. Thank you Project Linus for keeping our kids warm, secure, and snug this winter!

Sweet Baby

Hello there.
We are so appreciate your blanket , just opened it up today for our baby.
Thanks so much and hope you guys happy holidays.


Dear Project Linus,
Our family just checked into the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford, and our son, Kade, received the most cozy, soft blanket that was made for him by Sharon L. What an amazing and loving way to be greeted at the start of a long surgery and healing journey.
“I’m so thankful that you made this blanket for me! I’m grateful that you did!” Kade
Thank you for all you do to bring comfort to our children when they need it most.
Blessings, Barb W.

Kathy C.

I am a CASA volunteer with Child Advocates of Silicon valley...I had the pleasure of sharing the lovely quilt made by Becky G. with my current client...a lively little 3yr old...when I handed her the quilt she looked up at me and quietly said "mine?" -my reply 'Yes, yours to keep"...she hugged the quilt tightly and when her grandmother reached for the quilt she replied  "MINE!"  and immediately ran to her room to place the quilt on her's just the right color, size and texture and she Loves this gift.

Again - THANK YOU Becky and the entire Project Linus team.

Pramila S.

Hello, Thank you for the donation. We received 20 baby blankets yesterday. Thank you.

Pramila S, Early Start Coordinator, Parents Helping Parents


Hello, thank you to Parents Helping Parents for sending us the fleece blanket created by one of your volunteers, Sharon L.  My daughter will definitely use it during the cooler months.

Thank you.

Mike and Kayla R.

My wife and I want to thank the Cub and Girl Scouts and Troop 30-Los Altos for the handmade blankets provided for our twin boys Logan and Evan. Your love and generosity is greatly appreciated.


Hi, my name is Taryn and I was a patient 3 days ago at Kaiser Santa Clara hospital. The blanket you made is now my favorite blanket and I loved it while I was in the hospital. I just wanted to say thank you for the blanket and they are very comfortable!

Posada Family

To the volunteers at Project Linus,

Hello, on behalf of our family, we would like to say thank you for the beautiful quilts that you have sewn.  Our baby girl received the most beautiful quilt during her stay at the NICU at Kaiser, Santa Clara.  Your care and generosity definitely put a smile on our faces when times were tough for our family.  A special thanks to “someone who cares” who sewed our beautiful quilt together.

Thank you.

Child Advocates of Silicon Valley

Thank you Project Linus for your donation of 40 blankets.  Your handmade blankets become true treasures for our children, providing warmth and comfort during their difficult time in foster care.  Child Advocates of Silicon Valley recruits, trains and supports volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) to work one-on-one with children in the foster care system… Life for children placed in foster care is filled with many uncertainties and disappointments.  Your gift allowed our children to experience a bit of joy and provided them with the knowledge that others care for them. Thank you for supporting our community, for ensuring that every foster child has the opportunity to become a healthy, independent adult.

Warm regards, Karen S., Executive Director Child Advocates of Silicon Valley


My name is Vannesa. I have my 16 month baby getting treatment at kaiser Santa Clara. He was there almost 3 weeks ago (sorry I took long) and I just want to thank you for the blanket. I can’t explain the feeling I got with the blanket. I feel so alone most days with cancer and to know that strangers have wonderful gift I’m really thankful have a great day.

Santa Clara Valley Medical, Center Volunteer Services

Good afternoon Project Linus members,

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Volunteer Services would like to thank you for the donations of blankets and teddy bears brought in by Linda Taylor last week on February 26th and 27th. Our Pediatrics Inpatient and Therapy departments really appreciate your contributions. A warm blanket and a soft teddy bear are lovely tokens that make our younger patients feel more comfortable and welcomed in the hospital environment. We are truly grateful for your generous service in making our patients’ day a little brighter.

For more information about our Volunteer Services, please visit our website at: .


Hi there, I am a recipient of a blanket from your project.  THANK YOU so much for the warm care. :)

I'd like to send a proper thank you card; can I please have your address? Thank you!


Good Morning, My child received a blanket from Project Linus and loves it! I am so grateful for the work you all do for the project. What a wonderful idea. Thank you to you and everyone at Project Linus for giving love and security to children in the area. Have a beautiful day.

Jamie B.

Dear Project Linus, My daughter has just started chemotherapy at Kaiser Santa Clara and we just wanted to thank you for the beautiful blanket made by Olivia. My daughter has been a bit cold in the hospital room, so having something warm and also colorful has definitely helped make her stay better. Thank you for your kindness!

Lina P. & Baby Luciano

I just wanted to send a thank you to Sharon. My baby boy was born early at 30 weeks at O’Connor hospital. I was unable to have a baby shower or go shopping for baby. We thought we still had time to prepare for baby's arrival. I was put on bed rest for 3 weeks until he was born. We had no blankets. And after being in NICU a nurse gave us a beautiful blanket that Sharon L. had made and donated through the Project Linus. Thank you for you for your hard work and generosity. We really appreciate your blanket brought tears to my eyes that there are people with good heart's helping these little bitty babies. 



Thank you to Norma Bauman and Shirley Karabian for helping out with the IBM Make a Blanket Days this week. 50 blankets are being made and I just got word that we got an additional $500 grant from the IBM Volunteer Opportunity Council today while we were working on blankets!  Hurray!! Another thank you goes to Mary Kelly who sorted and counted well over 1000 skeins of donated yarn (not appropriate for PL blankets) and sold it for $745 in JoAnn Gift Cards. Thank you to Jackie Rall and Elizabeth Tang-Kong for their generous donations toward the shipping expenses for the Hurricane Relief shipping. The Bark in the Park booth hosted by Mary Kelly and Julie Spence earned over $400 for the chapter and introduced lots of new people to Project Linus - thanks ladies!

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