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Blankets Specifications

    A gentle reminder concerning the types of blankets Project Linus chapters may accept.

Blankets must meet these National Guidelines.

Thank you!


Blanket Sizes

  • Typical blanket sizes are:            Baby size 36"x36"          Child size 45”x60”         Teen size 60”x72”

  • Blankets must be minimum of 36"x36" finished.

  • The most popular blanket is a single layer, no-sew fleece blanket - approximately 54"x60" (use 1-1/2 yards of fleece).



  • Crochet or knit

    • Weave in all yarn ends on crocheted and knitted blankets, and PLEASE no fringe on baby blankets, it could be a choking hazard.

  • Quilt

    • Secure the batting into outer seams. If the blanket is tied, please anchor it every 4-6 inches, cutting ties to 1 inch or less in length.

  • Tie fleece blankets

    • Single layer only. And please remove selvage before tying the knots (see instructions).    

  • Fleece with crochet around the edges (aka skip-stitch blankets)

    • We request a minimum of 3 rows of crochet.

    • Though it may sound silly, be sure your finished blankets lay flat. Take a 2nd look before you turn your blankets in. Do not turn them in if they are wavy, roll up at the edges or bunch up –  take the time to retie or redo any edges that need help before you turn them in. If they are received “un-flat”, they need to be reworked by someone before we can give them to the children – please help us minimize any rework. Thank you.

  • Fabric

    • Pre-wash all fabric that you feel may cause a problem with bleeding.

    • Use new, clean, washable materials in infant, child or teen friendly colors. Remember, these blankets are meant to be colorful, cheerful, and cuddly.

    • Make blankets from 100% cotton fabric, flannel, fleece or acrylic yarn.

  • Check your blanket carefully for straight pins. It’s better you find that pin and not the child who receives your blanket.

  • Each time you donate blankets, please provide your name, address, phone #, e-mail, so that we may acknowledge your donation.



  • Don't use fleece sold at JoAnn's under the name "Make it Give it" fleece as it is too thin, and not as durable as their standard fleece.

  • Don’t make your blankets out of tapestry, burlap, upholstery fabric, 70’s type double knit, felt, vinyl, wool, holiday fabric or wool yarn.

  • Don’t attach buttons or decorative items to a blanket. They can be a choking hazard.

  • Don't use thick fabric paint on the surface of your blanket. Use only permanent fabric markers made specifically for fabric when coloring on muslin.

  • Don't use fabric that has been stored in a damp area and has a musty smell. The mold spores can cause an allergic reaction in a child and are very difficult to remove from the fabric.

  • Don't use yarns with metallic threads.

  • Don't use yarn larger than 6 ply. The size and weight of the blankets make them too heavy and unwieldy to pack in a bag of 20, which is how they are distributed.

  • Don't use fragrance products due to allergy concerns. This includes scented detergent, fabric softeners and softener sheets, plastics bags or body perfumes. 


Please Note

  • Blankets that smell of smoke or strong chemicals (including perfumed fabric softeners), or have pet hair on them cannot be accepted as they may produce severe allergic reaction in the children. Unfortunately, washing these blankets does not always remove the problem. Please use a lint brush or roller on your blankets if they are covered with thread or lint.

  • Another word about pins…please check, double check and triple check your blankets for straight pins. Tags usually separate from the blankets when they are transported leaving a lost pin just waiting to poke a child. Please use only thread to attach notes to blankets.

  • No religious holiday fabrics or panels please (No Christmas, Easter, etc.)

  • Be creative! Keep in mind that children will be selecting a blanket with which to cuddle and receive comfort.

  • Blankets that do not meet Project Linus specifications and cannot be given to children will be returned to the blanketeer.

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