Dear fellow blanketeers,

I wanted to let you know about the 2020 Quilt Project. I just heard about it, and thought some of our members would be interested in participating as a group, or even as individuals.  In honor of the centennial celebration of the 19thAmendment in 2020, the “Susan B. Anthony House” in Rochester NY is sponsoring a quilt project that will be comprised of 20”x20” blocks submitted by individuals and groups.


Each block should represent a person, place, event, and/or issue of unfinished business related to the suffrage movement. The Central Design can be drawn, painted, printed, pieced, appliqued, embroidered, etc.; anything that can be in the completed block and be folded in half (to 10” x 20”) for storage and shipping without damage.

The 2020 Quilt is designed so that each new block may be attached to the growing quilt with ribbons. The 2020 Quilt may be complete with one block or hundreds of blocks. It is anticipated that the Quilt will be publicly displayed in community centers, libraries, schools, or other public places on request. Each individual quilt block will be able to stand out on its own AND mesh wonderfully with the other quilt squares. Each block will tell a story in a unique and creative way.


More information is available on their website:


If you would like to work on this as a group project send me an email at I am not sure of the deadline yet, but I think if we were able to submit one or more blocks by the end of the year that would be great. If you want to participate on your own I can send you the instructions and submission form.